We design, install and manage robust, scalable networks that meet your specific business needs and ensure optimum performance from the applications and services you rely on.Whether we are upgrading your existing infrastructure, implementing a LAN, wLAN, WAN or MAN, moving you across to a converged network or simply sourcing a replacement component, you benefit from having the expertise and experience of our technicians as part of your team.

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We’ll deliver the network you need, whether it’s a single-site LAN or wLAN, or a project to connect multiple sites using WAN and IP solutions. With devices proliferating and demand on the network soaring, it can be hard to balance your budget with your bandwidth and security needs. We design robust network infrastructures and source the latest equipment from the top vendors at the best prices – so you get a secure, high-performance data network within your budget constraints.



Whether you want to introduce VoIP to your existing network or build a converged infrastructure from scratch, we can design and implement a voice solution that meets all your needs.
Maintaining separate networks for voice and data is expensive and means your organisation can’t take advantage of the mobility and collaboration benefits of a converged network. We’ll help you migrate from a traditional PBX to a VoIP-based solution that delivers the functionality your users need while ensuring quality of service for all of your network traffic.



Video is growing in popularity as the range of options increases. Talk to us about designing and implementing telepresence and video conferencing capabilities across your corporate networks. Spurred by the emergence of lower-cost alternatives to high-end telepresence suites, more organisations are using video to reduce travel costs and carbon emissions, and to boost virtual collaboration. But with the need for low-latency, high-bandwidth networking, it can be a challenge to integrate video successfully on to the corporate network.

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Streamline your network environment and benefit from the latest unified communications and collaboration technologies by consolidating voice, video and data on to a single network.
Consolidating separate networks on to a single network architecture can save significant amounts of money and management resource. But unless it is properly implemented and configured, running voice and video alongside apps, storage and compute services can quickly overload the network and cause major performance issues that could potentially damage the business.