Whether you’re looking to build a Data centre from the ground up or add new capabilities to your current environment, we offer a wide range of services that provide the resilience, scalability and security you need – now and for the future. When it comes to IT infrastructure requirements, data centers are a top priority. Data centers are now seen as a key business parameter, and not as an external facility for storage of information and business operation models. They have become critical for the very functioning of a big business enterprise. Any interruptions in your data center operations can virtually bring down the business to its knees if you don't have an efficient backup strategy. This was exemplified last year when Hurricane Sandy devastated data centers in New York.



For most organisations today, especially those with a significant web presence, system downtime can significantly impact business performance and revenue.
Keeping the data centre operating at peak performance 24/7 can take a lot of time and resource. Many organisations look for a managed hosting service to alleviate some of the cost and management.



Your data center is critical to the success of your organisation and must be designed for the highest possible performance at an optimum total cost of ownership.
At the same time, you need to be sure your data is adequately protected at all times from both digital and physical threats. We work with you and our technology partners to make sure any Data Center design adheres to standards demanded by government policy.

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For organisations that don’t want the cost, management overhead and power, cooling and space demands of an on-premise data center, a tailored co-location solution can be a very attractive option.Co-location is a particularly suitable option for organisations experiencing rapid growth, peaks and troughs in system demand, or frequent changes of premises.